Things to consider before buying a new modern sofa

Buying a sofa is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. It’s a piece of designer furniture where you can lounge, read, sit to eat and drink, entertain family and friends, watch TV and even sleep. So it makes sense to take the time to think about investing in a sofa that will last for many years. Here are the things you should consider before buying a new sofa.

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Your Lifestyle

Before you go to a store and look at the different styles of sofas, take a moment to think about your lifestyle and what you might require from a sofa in your daily life. If you have a large family, a sectional sofa might be the best choice for you in your designer furniture shop. If you have children or pets, having a leather sofa may not be a good idea. It may be a better idea to go with a stain-resistant fabric upholstery. Having a few key ideas in mind already will save you a lot of time and energy when visiting designer furniture stores and websites to find your sofa.

The style of the room

Make sure to consider the current style of the room where your new sofa will be placed, and then choose a sofa that will fit that theme. This step seems obvious, but many people simply buy what they like. Unfortunately, what they like often doesn’t fit the style of the room where the furniture will be placed. Or the carpet in the room may not match the sofa.
It is important that all the elements of a room are in harmony. Therefore, think carefully about the atmosphere you want to feel when you are in the room. Do you want the space to be calm (with a neutral sofa), or fun (with a colorful, out-of-the-box design)? Or do you have a really specific decorating theme (Scandinavian, industrial, etc.)? If you skip this step, you could end up with a sofa that’s super comfortable, but doesn’t completely blend in with the decor.

Make sure your sofa will fit in your space

Be sure to check out the space that will accommodate your sofa. It’s not uncommon to make mistakes when measuring this space. So, make sure you know exactly what size designer sofa your space can accommodate. This includes length, height and width.
It’s also important to take measurements of your doors and hallways. Because while a sofa may be the perfect size for your living room, if it can’t fit through your doorways and stairs, you could be in for a real hassle.

Be selective with designer sofa upholstery

Whether you opt for a bold color, a pattern or a neutral tone, your choice of furniture upholstery will have a huge impact on the room it’s placed in. Therefore, choose carefully to ensure that it fits your decor and that your sofa is durable.
For example, be aware that natural fabric can fade in sunlight. Therefore, in case your sofa is located near a window, opt for a synthetic fabric. If you have a dog or cat, choose a fabric that is easy to clean.

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